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Good Bye to Eichi Publishing April 5, 2007

Posted by fukumimi in Economy & Business, Japan.

Good bye and good riddance to the publisher (link appears down) of racially inflammatory content.

Eichi Shuppan has closed its doors and is being liquidated. It had oustanding debts of JPY2.3B (about $20 million give or take).
I’m sure people like Debito and JapanProbe will be celebrating, although the failure of the business is unrelated to the recent fuss over racist publications, and is rather due to the fact that its parent company has closed its doors and Eichi was one of the subsidiaries which was already in trouble and could not stand on its own two feet. The publishing of smut had been transferred to a different company a long time ago (Eichi seems to have retained the sales rights in that reorganization, which was due to the company being busted on pornography charges), and that was the cash cow business anyway, although this line is no doubt also feeling the heat from internet sites (many of which apparently feature many scanned images from old magazines, including those of Eichi, so I’m told….)

Addendum: The news is courtesy of Teikoku DataBank via a Nikkei Telecon subscription (no link available to the actual data regarding Eichi, but see here for an article).


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[…] The company that has brought us the raciest garbage book ‘Gaigin Hanzai Ura Filru’ has declared bankruptcy… Now its not polite to laugh. But i do believe kicking them in the ass on the way out is acceptable.  Read about it HERE. […]

3. Chris_B - April 8, 2007

Just because one roach is dead on the floor doesnt meant there aint another 1000 under the stove and fridge.

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6. بندر - February 29, 2012

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