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Twitter widget May 13, 2009

Posted by fukumimi in Uncategorized.

I have added a twitter widget to this blog as I seem to be doing more twittering than blogging of late (not saying very much, I know), in the vague hope that I may be able to interact with some people over there from over here (not that there are too many people over here anymore, I guess).

Coinciding with a decrease in blogging, I seem to have wondered away from my feedreader as well. I wonder if there is any correlation there.


1. Daniel Madar - July 4, 2009

Hi, I do not know if you check your comments, but I am looking to sit down with someone in the Japanese VC arena to discuss a potential business model. I know a few VC here, but want to get a general sense of how things are going before I approach them. If you get this and have the time, please drop me a note and hopefully we can get together.



2. Jonny B - August 25, 2009

twats like you spend your whole life online.
get out and actually live in the real world cunt !
no-one cares about your VC this and VC that bullshit.

seriously take a look at yourself and go and be someone real

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