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<edited October 2015>

Welcome to my blog.

My name is Shin Fukushige.

Ex-VC, now startup entrepreneur (and tech/strategy consultant for hire).

I was born in Chiba, Japan, but lived in Japan for less than 4 years before our family was transplanted to the eastern seaboard of the United States of America. After spending a few years in Boston and New York, the family moved to London, England. After spending nearly 17 years living in London, I moved back to Tokyo in time for Y2K. I’ve been living and working in Tokyo ever since. Although (because?) I spent 20+ years living in the anglophone world, I’ve always had a strong sense of my Japanese identity, and

I received virtually all of my formal education in the UK, eventually graduating from a UK university (Imperial) with an engineering degree (MEng Materials Science and Engineering) then attending a year of law school (highly recommended even if one isn’t interested in law as a profession), I moved back to Japan sensing that Japan was going experience its own IT/.com boom after having spent some time in and around Silicon Valley in 98/99.

My first few years back in Japan was spent in several different companies and sub-industries within the IT sector (software development house, network infrastructure provider, outsourcing services provider, software development/application service provider) including stints at heading up the Japanese operations for a couple of companies.

Then, feeling I needed a break from IT and management, I found myself in the venture capital industry, Whilst I always identified myself a technologist first and foremost, the VC work is nicely aligned with my interests. Made investments into companies active in areas such as electronic materials, EDA, RF semiconductors, IR sensors. People doing hard science or engineering, not “tech”. So far 1 IPO and 2 acquisitions. Pretty sure I did alright for myself and the fund.

Reasons I started this blog [and, as of 2015, am feeling inclined to resume writing]:

1. To promote discussion of Japan related business and technology issues in English, because there is still a paucity of English language information regarding Japan related news.
(main topics – technology, the startup/venture space, venture capital)

2. To write more generally about topics concerning Tokyo and Japan (politics and economics, and lighter stuff too, on occasion). Especially matters which I feel are covered poorly in the mainstream foreign language press.

3. To write about anything else I find interesting

You can contact me via email at shin_at_fukumimi_dot_org (replace _at_ with @, and _dot_ with . – you get the idea)
If I write about anything in which I have any financial interest, I will disclose that clearly in the relevant post.

The opinions stated in this blog are entirely my own, and in no way relate to or reflect those of any of my employers or clients or any other persons or entities.


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