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New English language Japan tech blog opens December 14, 2007

Posted by fukumimi in blogosphere, Japan.

Asiajin launched yesterday, claiming it the first English language blog written by Japanese authors dedicated to “Web Services/Companies/People Reports from Asia”.

I guess I could claim some obscure niche first for myself too, if I were to insert multiple qualifiers. lol

Anyway, being serious for a moment, I think it is a good thing for the Japanese tech community, providing for overseas exposure, given how little effort is made to address the market outside of Japan by most Japanese emerging tech companies. The fact that one of the co-authors is somewhat of a high profile blogger in Japan might give it a bit of an advantage starting out.

I do hope that the authors whose names are attached to the posts do continue to write their own posts. There are instances of blogs (which shall remain nameless, at least for now) which were originally penned by one person but have (without any disclosure) become group efforts with the owner farming out the writing to ghost writers. Not that the Japanese internet and blogosphere are renowned for their integrity….

I’ll withhold any extensive critique on Asiajin’s content until they hit their stride, but the content available thusfar is ho hum. Not much actual commentary or analysis.

So we now have blognation Japan (although what will happen to that is uncertain, given the recent troubles at blognation HQ) and Asiajin, two different English language perspectives on Japanese tech.

Good luck to them.

Looking back at my original reason for starting this public blog a couple of years ago, I too hoped that I would be able to cover interesting Japanese tech, more than I actually do at present. I guess the bottom line for me was that I found little which was really worthy of exposure.

English language blogs posting “serious” content beyond lightweight (sometimes copyright infringing) content scraped from other sources gives me more material to build on. A part of me hopes these blogs will be positive cheerleader blogs so that I can present an alternative angle…..


1. Serkan - December 14, 2007

Hello Fukushige-san,

Please allow me to use this comment to throw my hat in the ring of blogs covering the Japanese Tech/Internet scene in English.

My blog “Tokyotronic” also tries to expose new Japanese companies, concepts and innovators to the world.

Thank you,

2. J - December 14, 2007

Oh, how I long to not infringe copyrights or post lowbrow junk. But then I read on techcrunch about blognation not paying its staff, and wonder if any legitimate money exists in the world of serious blogging about Japan in English…

3. fukumimi - December 14, 2007


Thanks for the heads up. It goes into my feedreader.


Sorry if it came off as being a bit snarky. No malice intended. Clearly you have an audience for your content, and there most definitely is room for entertainment content on the internet as well as other media. Personally, I mainly just “read” the posts with the bikini clad girls’ photos, when they appear on Japan Probe (is it just me or are you throttling down on that type of post lately? No, the ladyboy post doesn’t count.)

But oh how I wish the media companies could make a bit more of an effort to produce content of substance. I guess it would go against their plan to dumb down the media consuming masses, though. Especially since I just quit my PerfecTV subscription (no more BBC news 24 for me, sigh).

I’m not even sure that any real money exists in the world of serious blogging in Japan _full stop_. At least not in the “free content” ad supported model.

Which brings us nicely to the Japanese blogosphere, a topic thanks to the WP seems to have stirred up a bit of a hornet’s nest in certain circles of late…. But I think I’ll save my comments for that for a dedicated post.

4. J - December 14, 2007

“no malice intended”
I took no offense at your comments. I focus on entertainment and odd news, and I’m not trying to pass my site off as a source of high brow journalism or commentary.

“is it just me or are you throttling down on that type of post lately?”

After some problems with advertisers demanding that certain sex-related posts be deleted, I decided it would probably be a good idea to lay off the risqué bikini girl posts. There are also other Japan bloggers out there who are far more knowledgeable about that scene, and I decided to let them have that niche. (Such posts were never huge traffic sources anyway, at least not in the way Fake Chinese Disneyland or Bukkake Coffee Man have been.)

“But oh how I wish the media companies could make a bit more of an effort to produce content of substance. I guess it would go against their plan to dumb down the media consuming masses, though.”

I blame the dumbing down of the news media on increased competition and a desire to make their work as profitable as possible. The pressure placed upon media companies to up their ratings and cut costs has led them to turn what was once journalism into entertainment. It’s a real shame when TV networks and newspapers slash their reporting staff because stock holders demand that profits go up.

5. Chris-Edelgard - July 30, 2009

I cannot believe this will work!

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