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Mixi to join the OpenSocial bandwagon? November 2, 2007

Posted by fukumimi in Internet, Japan, Media, technology.

The Nikkei is reporting that Mixi, Japan’s largest SNS is jumping on the OpenSocial bandwagon.

No official announcement from either Mixi or Google as of noon on Friday Japan time, even though the MySpace announcement  also mentioned in the Nikkei article is the subject of a release from Google.

The Mixi tie-up, if it does materialize, would be an interesting development, given Mixi’s dominant position within the Japanese SNS scene.

Whilst I think opening up is great for users, and is the only way “also rans” can hope to compete with dominant players, it is interesting to see someone in the position that Mixi is in embracing the concept.


1. Ian - November 2, 2007

I dont think “also rans” is valid on todays new (MySpace and Bebo). However I do think this is a defensive action by those large players, to put a brake on Facebooks momentum and paint them as the new incarnation of Microsoft (“all your data are belong to us” as it were).

But what would mixi’s interest be? Perhaps nervous at the thought of other Japanese (and worldwide) players eager to use the same tactics against them they are preempting the strike by joining up first. This could be a smart way to block those outside giants and home market “wanabes” while appropriating their users?

It could also mean a bold move by mixi to grow beyond the Japanese market? I would doubt this however.

With Yahoo yet to sign up it could perhaps be positioning vs Yahoo Japan’s social aspirations (while they are a separate entity to the US pretty much). But that is a speculation too far I guess.

2. Joseph - November 2, 2007

Maybe they are angling to sell out to Google or its ilk?

Mixi hasn’t been the most open of platforms up until now.

3. Anatole - November 4, 2007

I’m interested to see how portable user accounts are – will users be able to take their mixi or myspace accounts and subscribe to other services and bring over all of their data?

If this is required to participate in OpenSocial it would seem like there would be a lot of risk for the big, established platforms and a lot to gain for the users and, as Shin wrote, the “also rans”.

However, my guess is that Mixi and the other big guys are just going to use a common platform for widget development and not let their kids play next next door.

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