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Different headlines for different audiences September 11, 2007

Posted by fukumimi in crime, Media.

via Japan Probe

The Yomiuri reports the significant decline in burglaries in the Tokyo area after a couple of groups of thieves were arrested.

The English headline reads: “Tokyo burglaries down 30% after arrest of 2 theft rings

The Japanese headline reads: “荒稼ぎ「悪知恵」中国人窃盗団、摘発後は都内の被害3割減” (“Crafty Chinese theft group made a killing, burglaries drop 30% after their arrest”, is the Japan Probe translation – too lazy to attempt my own)

Whilst the content of the articles is pretty much the same, one does wonder why they made a point of editing the headlines in significantly different fashions. It isn’t the first time newspapers have been found to be channeling different messages to their domestic and english language audiences.

Maybe this can become a series.



1. Mike - July 13, 2009

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