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Fastladder July 5, 2007

Posted by fukumimi in Internet, IT, Japan.

Livedoor is attempting to go global with its new Fastladder RSS reader, which is basically a repackaged version of its existing Livedoor Reader for the local market.

It is basically a generic on-line feedreader. I noticed that OPML imports were slower than on some other on-line feedreaders I’ve imported my OPML files to in the past, perhaps because Fastladder doesn’t yet have much of a following yet and hasn’t got the relevant feeds cached.

Apart from the amusement factor of the uncomfortable English on show, the only slightly interesting point is that they show how many other Fastladder users have subscription to each of your subscribed feeds (social bookmarking of feeds).

Not sure there is enough here to make a huge impact on the already crowded landscape.



1. Gen Kanai - July 6, 2007

Accurate assessment. If Livedoor thinks that this is what they need to crack markets outside of Japan, they’re sorely mistaken.

Hatena’s trying to do something new in the twitter/pownce space too… we’ll see what happens there.

2. fukumimi - July 6, 2007

…something new in the twitter/pownce space…..

New, or derivative?

They certainly have a trackrecord for being fast in developing Japanese versions of new web apps, but I think I’ve yet to see anything from them which is actually unique and not a made for Japan version of something which has caught on elsewhere.

3. Gen Kanai - July 11, 2007

“New, or derivative?”

Touché. Derivative, I’m sure. I wish I could remember the name of their offering but my brain is like a sieve…

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