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Google/Feedburner May 24, 2007

Posted by fukumimi in Internet, Japan, Media.

With the Google’s Feedburner purchase looking like a done deal, I wonder what that means for Feedburner.jp, which is currently being run by GMO Ad Networks.

As the Jp specific stats were never broken out, it is difficult to determine how much traction the Japanese service has been able to gain, but in any case, I would think that Google will review the arrangement.
There doesn’t seem to be much justification for allowing GMO Ad Networks to retain the current arrangement, I’m sure Google will want to try to get more penetration for Feedburner in Japan, either through their own efforts or by expanding the number of agencies which are incentivised to promote the service, and GMO Ad Networks will just be one of many agencies helping to spread the word at best.

I guess this is the kind of risk one faces when one relies on 3rd party technology platforms for your business, especially in a space where acquisitions are far from unforseeable.


1. nobi - May 24, 2007

True. I’ve just met the person in charge of feedburner.jp in a party. He seem to have been keeping some independence from within GMO but of course, he wasn’t sure what his fate is going to be.
Very lucky for him (or for Google) is both GMO and Google Japan coveniently resides on the same building in Shibuya, the Cerulean tower. Perhaps, we will see there would be more elevator traffic between their floors. πŸ˜‰

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