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Gmail now available on all major mobile carriers (in Japan) April 10, 2007

Posted by fukumimi in Japan, Mobile.


Gmail can now be accessed using the standard mobile phone browsers on DoCoMo and Softbank, as well as au. (reported here)

I see that there was no mention of Willcom or new entrant eMobile. I guess these providers don’t penalise users for using full browser sites in the way that the traditional mobile carriers do and is less of an issue anyway. (plus I think virtually all the handsets for these carriers have full internet capable browsers installed, mainly Opera Mobile?)

As a Gmail user, in the past I’ve resorted to using the full browser capability on my DoCoMo phone when I needed to check my personal email whilst out and about. (Another way was to use a reformatting proxy service like Mobazilla, but sending login information to some proxy isn’t my idea of fun)

Now that Gmail is supported on the standard mobile browser, no more extra data packet charges beyond the flat rate charge for i-mode.

Joooooooy. (in my best Stimpy voice)

(For really private or business sensitive correspondances, obviously I use more secure methods which a) do not involve Google, and b) involve encryption – oddly correspondances related to my day job don’t seem to be afforded any where near the same level of security, but then I don’t make those rules)



1. Ian - April 10, 2007

I noticed that gmail was working on my mobile last weekend. It’s nice to finally be able to check and write e-mail from the mobile.

Though google mail seems to work but google reader still suffers from an allergy to my mobile. It no longer complains about cookies not being enabled and simply says my username and login don’t match.

2. Gen Kanai - April 11, 2007
3. Japan News for April 11, 2007 » Japan Probe - April 11, 2007

[…] Google’s Gmail can now be accessed using the standard mobile phone browsers on Japanese carriers DoCoMo and Softbank, as well as au. [Link] […]

4. Joseph - April 11, 2007

Cool! I actually tried to access gmail on my 910SH a week or so ago and it didn’t work. Now it’s working great.

5. Ken - June 5, 2007

Wow, that’s great! How long have we been waiting for this.

6. primal - December 28, 2007

gmail does NOT work on my new softbank phone but worked fine on my 3 yr old au phone.maybe softbank blocked it out of loyalty to yahoo mobile?

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