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NTT DoCoMo unveils product strategy for winter 2007 February 8, 2007

Posted by fukumimi in Japan, Mobile.

NTT DoCoMo has announced (news article here in Japanese) that all phones in its flagship 90x series which are expected to hit the shops this winter will all have ISDB-T receiver to receive digital mobile TV (so-called one-seg) broadcasts. All 905 series phones will also be HSDPA compatible 3.5G phones (max download speed of 3.6Mbps), and will allow global roaming with the integration of GSM.

The phones in the stores now are the 903 series, and there will be a 903iS range out for the summer and a 904 series before the 905 series hit the stores.

One could look at this information release as an attempt to keep users on DoCoMo until the winter, and that the 903iS/904 phones aren’t going to feature anything groundbreaking. DoCoMo has struggled recently since MNP kicked in, with January subscription numbers seeing au way ahead with a net 200,000 increase in user base, compared to DoCoMo gaining just 7,000. The strategy may backfire though, because with these interesting handsets on the horizon, users surely aren’t going to switch to new 903/903iS/904 handsets which are just more of the same when the 905 seems to pack in many more features. If I were a mobile handset maufacturer, I’d throttle back on production and sales targets for the interim models.



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