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I love people who “just do it” February 6, 2007

Posted by fukumimi in Internet, Japan, Shopping.

No, I don’t mean Nike.

I blogged about my Wii here, and in the post, I wondered out loud if there wasn’t a niche market for designer Mii (the avatar you create, with which you can play various Wii games).

Seems someone thought it might be an interesting project. (That someone should probably update his blog. Whatever, I got to scoop it because he didn’t…)

Say hello to Miistation.

The creator (or one of the co-creators, as far as I am aware) of the site tells me the concept went from idea to reality in a week.

Granted, not much heavy duty web development required, and it takes advantage of existing infrastructure (payment is via Google Checkout – in fact, I much prefer using established credit card payment schemes like GC or similar than enter credit card information and hand it over to some unknown site, so the leveraging of such infrastructure makes perfect sense).

So I guess it was mainly a matter of getting the backend resources together (the sweatshop labour – I’m joking, I’m told that the designers are not children in Southern Asia but are actually located in Japan. So, exploiting starving art students then, I guess? Monkeys typing away at a battery of keyboards? No, apparently no people or animals are being exploited or mistreated according to the people behind this)

Price-wise, I guess $5 is about right, I don’t think you could really get much lower using local resources before it becomes an act of charity. (Off-shore vendors feel free to send me a quote, and I’ll pass it along. Let’s globalize another knowledge industry, I’m sure the call center/IT/accounting back office guys and gals will be feeling a little less victimised once other industries begin to feel the power of globalization….)

I hear that this is hopefully the first of several related ideas up the creators’ sleeves (I guess it depends on whether the idea catches on). [OK, I hope the fact that the site’s catchphrase is “make mii” doesn’t mean they are going to target the lucrative portion of the internet with the catchphrase “f*** mii”…. a lightweight Second Life meets the red light district…. or “whip mii” for the S/M aficianados, or….. (OK, I’ll stop now)]

I hear that they are working on some unrelated stuff as well, which I hope wasn’t delayed too much because of their decision to create Miistation.

OK, this isn’t the next YouTube, but I really like it when someone just implements an idea, however small (especially when they are small?), to address a perceived market need. That kind of proactiveness is a valuable asset. As the title says, Just do it……

I don’t have any affiliations with or commercial interests in Miistation.com, although I do count one of the co-creators of the site as a personal friend. Hi Matt!

I wonder how long it will take for Nintendo to get on these people’s cases about having “mii” in the titles and elsewhere. Still, I’m sure there are viable workarounds for that.



1. M@Blog » Make Mii @ Mii Station - February 7, 2007

[…] Well, Shin beat me to it 🙂  […]

2. David - February 8, 2007

Hi Shin,

Just found your blog, and am very happy to have do so. I have a feeling I’ll be a regular reader… Expect comments!


3. Marina - February 14, 2007

こんばんわ、しんさん。日本語 を べんきょしています、でも

I’m not very good at it yet; I can’t remember how to say that last part in Nihongo. Made jouzu arimasen? Something like that. I am amazed that I’ve figured out how to use the input editor without completely hosing my Windows system. One friend can’t read anything on her laptop anymore because she has everything displaying in kana and kanji. Even the software she installs is installed localized to Nihongo.

But that’s not why I am commenting. I am commenting because I like the idea of the Miistation. I gave my sweetie a Wii as a Christmas gift. I think he would be amused with his own custom Mii. And the price seems pretty low for what they do for you. So thanks for the link!

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