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Mixi releases Mixi Mobile statistics January 18, 2007

Posted by fukumimi in Internet, Japan, Mobile.

Mixi, Japan’s largest SNS, has released statistics relating to Mixi Mobile, the mobile interface to Mixi. Mixi upgraded Mixi mobile to offer virtually identical functionality to the PC interface last December.
Mixi sent out a press release saying that on January 15th, the mobile site reached 100 million pageviews/day. There are 2.3million unique users (as of December) accessing Mixi Mobile users, out of a Mixi user base of 6.6Million (this number is of November 2006), and new registrations via Mixi Mobile are coming in at 12,000 registrations/day.

They released some interesting demographics data in the PR.

Male/Female Ratio 43.7%/56.3%

Age of users:

~19               15.2%

20~29          65.2%

30~39         16.3%

40~49         2.8%

50~59        0.4%

Over 60      0.1%

Assuming the ages are accurate (which not a given, not by a long shot…..) No surprise that people in their twenties account for the bulk of users.  The fact that teenagers comprise 15.2% indicates that user adoption is as high for 18 and 19 year olds as for people in their twenties, or people are saying they are 18 or 19 when they are not. There used to be lots of profiles of under 18s on the site, Mixi seems to have clamped down on that to some extent, but there are still users who say they are under 18 in their profiles (although they give their age as 18 in the age field). I suspect there are still a substantial number of under 18s on the site. (as well as older people who are parading as teenagers – as with any SNS, Mixi does have people looking for “relationships” – as well as scam artists and the like)

Current residence of Mixi Mobile users by region:

Hokkaido    3.4%

Tohoku       3.5%

Kanto         50.0%
Shinetsu    1.7%
Hokuriku   1.4%

Tokai         8.8%

Kinki         17.8%

Chugoku   3.6%

Shikoku    1.6%

Kyushu     7.3%

Okinawa   0.7%

That leaves 1% who apparently don’t live in Japan. The PR doesn’t say if the regional data is obtained from the Mixi user profiles, or from mobile carrier data.


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