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Looking forward to 2007 January 4, 2007

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Happy new year to all.

2006 ended with me picking up a nasty cold which had me in bed for 3 full days. Last day at work was the 28th, and we had our usual workplace end of year gathering, after which I ended up in a pub. I probably should have gone straight home as I’d been living with a sore throat for the previous few days, no doubt not unrelated to the full blown cold that my partner had been suffering from since the weekend. (Which meant, amongst other things, that Christmas was a non-event, I having been relegated to nursing duty for the weekend and thereafter)

Next morning, the first day of a 6 day break, I woke up with the initial symptoms of a cold. Despite that, I went off to do some shopping, which probably made things worse. [The other half was still feeling poorly, and we were due to take delivery of our new Wii that day so I ventured out to buy some games and accessories for our new toy, which was our Christmas present to ourselves – although it didn’t arrive in time for Christmas]

I ended up in bed until the evening of the 31st, by which time I had probably gotten over the worst of the cold, and I ventured out to my usual annual end-of-year party. New Year’s Day meant my usual pilgrimage to accompany my gran (who was looking as healthy as ever) and the rest of the gaggle which constitute the extended family on my mother’s side to visit and tend to grandfather’s grave. Having spent New Year’s Eve drinking into the early hours, and then getting up at the usual time to make the hour long trip took a toll on my body, and I ended up back in bed for most of the first two days of 2007. So, not much of a New Year holiday to report.

Still suffering from a chesty cough, but over the worst and am back and hitting the ground running.

The first couple of months of 2007 look like they might be pretty busy work-wise, but there are some exciting things in the pipeline.

For this blog, one theme for 2007 is blogging more about venture capital topics, in particular the Japanese VC scene, and how it differs from other geographies. Otherwise, much of the same.

Here’s hoping that 2007 will be a prosperous year for all of us.



1. Gen Kanai - January 8, 2007


Sorry to hear your break was spent mostly in bed.

Looking forward to your posts for 2007.

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