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Paying for MySpace on mobile? December 19, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in Communications, Japan, Mobile.

You gotta be kidding me.

MySpace & Cingular in new deal 

Mixi and Gree have virtually full functionality from any phone, on any network, without charge (OK, Mixi opened up messaging on phones just recently, but the other features were already available).

MySpace Japan isn’t going to be competitive without a free mobile offering…..

Another indication that both internet and mobile telco companies in the US don’t get it.

The walled garden subscription approach isn’t going to work. The mobile experience is inferior to the PC experience for sites like MySpace. Yet they charge for mobile and give access free to PC users…. OK…..

US (and Euro) mobile telcos and their partners have been poisoning the mobile internet experience for users. Talk about greedy bastards shooting themselves in the foot.

Remember, they can continue to make money on the data charges even if they open it up. They can even offer a two tier approach like the carriers in Japan. Everyone needs to realise that the mobile web will not be identical to the PC web. The message is certainly being understood here in Japan.


1. paul ford - December 22, 2006

Any thoughts as to when MySpace Japan will launch their mobile version? Presumably Softbank is working on some “killer contents” for the MySpace mobile – or perhaps they are worried about cannibalizing Yahoo page views and are delaying the mobile version? Regardless, will be very interesting to see what the MySpace Japan mobile offering is when rolled out.


2. sergey - January 25, 2007

Here is another option for myspace mobile and this one is free, check out http://www.vcel.net. I think there is a need for new bus models to support such services and content. Mobile ads seem like a good bet to make myspace competitive.
You can get to myspace via a mobiles site at http://www.vcellspace.com or you can download a free mobile java app for myspace by pointing your phone browser to http://www.vcel.net/d

There are other options as well . . .

3. alexis r - May 8, 2007

i have cricket phone and i alread tryed the text messaging thing but it didn’t work. wat do i do

4. Stephon - June 18, 2007

How do i get myspace on my cricket phone

5. Robert - July 7, 2007

How do i get myspace on my cricket phone

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