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First Krispy Kreme store in Japan opens this friday December 13, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in Food and Drink, Japan.

Krispy Kreme‘s first Japanese store opens in Shinjuku this Friday (15th December). The website has a countdown thing going.

As I’ve written before, Lotte and Revamp are behind the Japanese franchise roll out.

I guess there’ll be queues like when the NY Donut Plant and Cinnabon first came to town.

Hopefully they will open some more stores elsewhere soon, as I am not about to queue just to buy some doughnuts.

I think the right strategy for Japan is a similar approach to the strategy adopted for the UK, where they have small stalls at stations and airports and the like, as well as cabinets in supermarkets (there was one in the local Tesco), with a smattering of larger retail stores (like the one in Harrods).



1. Gen Kanai - December 13, 2006

Where is there a Cinnabon in Tokyo?

2. fukumimi - December 13, 2006

According to the Cinnabon homepage, there still appears to be one in Odaiba. There used to be others, in (if I recall correctly) Kichijoji, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, but I guess that that particular fad has passed, as so many foodie fads do in Japan, and the number of outlets seems to be dwindling fast.

I remember back when there was one in Shinjuku, walking in the pedestrian subway between Shinjuku and Shinjuku 3-chome stations, you could smell the sickly sweet smell from the basement entrance to Shinjuku Mitsukoshi. (I think they were in the spot where Doughnut Plant NYC is now? I could be mistaken about that point though)

Interesting to see that there are outlets in Misawa and Yokosuka and Yokota…. I guess cinnamon buns are more firmly entrenched in American food “culture”…… (The quotation marks are a joke :-p)

3. Gaijin Biker - December 18, 2006

The lines for the Cold Stone Creamery ice cream shop in Roppongi are insane. I went at 10:30 on an average morning (they open at 11), and there were already people lined up outside. Bear in mind that this was AFTER the place had been open for a few months.

4. fukumimi - December 19, 2006

Funny that you mention Cold Stone, there was an article in the WSJ about that phenomenon in Japan (WSJ Asia Dec 14 pg33).

Japanese consumers are notoriously fickle though, Cinnabon saw queues for the first few months, and KK’s queues last weekend were 1.5 hours long, apparently. We’ll see how long the queues at KK and CS last.

I certainly am not going to queue up for a doughnut or some icecream, that’s for sure.

5. Andy - January 21, 2007

I grew up with Kripsy Kreme as a boy in the states. My Japanese girlfriend and I are going to hit it up early (7am) tomorrow morning. Curious on what kind of marketing promotions they have done, since, in my opinion, it is an unknown brand here in Japan. I haven’t seen anything in the media as of yet.

Anyyways, always excited to get a little taste of back home. Tanoshimi…

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