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Motorola Razr on NTT DoCoMo December 12, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in electronics, Japan, Mobile.

Going on sale on thursday (December 14th) is the DoCoMo version of the Motorola RAZR, designated M702iS in DoCoMo-speak. Available in “Hot Pink”, as well as black and silver. It isn’t as slim as the Softbank XS707SC which went on sale last week (which is just 11.9mm thick), but it is the slimmest DoCoMo phone at 14.9mm thick.

People who are familiar with DoCoMo model numbers will see the phone is part of the lower end 70x series, which means it lacks a high res digital camera (only 1.3 Megapixels) and embedded FeLiCa (for contactless payments via Edy, Suica, iD, etc) which are available on 90x series phones. The DoCoMo-RAZR is however the only 70x series phone which will allow global roaming, at least in areas with a W-CDMA network.


1. Gen Kanai - December 13, 2006

I have the Softbank/Samsung knockoff of the RAZR. Love the thin-ness and the bluetooth. No good camera, no GPS, etc.

2. Karina - January 3, 2007

I don’t understand how anybody in Japan would go for an outdated phone like the RAZR. Sure, it’s on the slim side in terms of looks, but most Japanese phones can do much better than that.

3. lee - January 28, 2008

how to mange my foma m702is?its hard to manage help

4. abigail s punzal - May 15, 2008

i do have my m702is. but it is really hard to manage it. how can i store misic that id like? il buy a 1 gb micro sd but still it cant play my music. pls help me. thanks

5. fab - November 4, 2008

me too.. i cant transfer musics ! help me too..

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