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The power of the blogosphere – 40% off all wine and champagne (UK only) December 1, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in blogosphere, Food and Drink, Internet.

Talk about a cliche’d title. [shudder]

Anyway, the story: Stormhoek, the South African winery, advertises a “private sale” at Threshers, the UK offie. The offer? 40% off all in stock wine and champagne (up to a total purchase of 500 pounds) at their stores. Yes, all wine and champagne, not just Stormhoek, although I’m sure Stormhoek wouldn’t mind people buying a bottle or two of their product within that 500 pound budget….

[Update: For the lingustically challenged 😉

Offie = off license = liquor store or whatever non-English people call them

“Off license” comes from the fact that these stores have a license to sell alcohol for consumption off the premises]

[Click here to download the Threshers coupon….. ]

Stormhoek has got pretty widespread recognition on the blogosphere due to the efforts of Hugh Mcleod (I’m sure virtually everyone has seen the wicked (not in the evil sense) – and sometimes profound – drawings he does), and is one model of how to do Marketing2.0 (or whatever…) in the age of the blogosphere. Hugh has got a lot of visitors to his site too, and word about the sale is spreading quickly.

Yes, it is very interesting from an academic perspective, power of the blogosphere, viral marketing, blah blah blah, but way more important, 40% OFF ALL WINE AND CHAMPAGNE!!!! It would be crazy not to take advantage of this offer if you live in the UK or are planning to visit before December 10th (and drink wine or champagne…).

I’m pretty sure that this cheaper than buying at the airport Duty Free….

As luck would happen, I’m flying over there tomorrow. We’ll see how well Threshers are stocked up….

They must have one or two bottles of decent wines in stock in one or other of their stores…. Their website is loading slooooowly today, the marketing virus spreads…

And Threshers haven’t spent a penny for this marketing effort (you do have to give an email address, but you can always use the one you give out to marketers and the like – the one you never use except for when you sign up for things).

Sure, margins are slashed, but it’s the holiday season. Early Xmas present for all UK boozers.

I’m sure the other offies are feeling the hurt right about now….

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