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Female VC bloggers (and international VC bloggers too) December 1, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in blogosphere, Language, VC.

Matt Marshall at VentureBeat reckons you can count the number of female VC bloggers on one hand.
This list compiled by female VC blogger Christine Herron would suggest otherwise.

But coming (at last) to the point which triggered this post, as usual with all these lists, it is anglophone-centric (anglophone-specific?).

There is a VC bloggers list out there compiled by Jeffrey Stewart, which lists a total of 103 VC bloggers.

Kudos to Christine and Jeffrey for taking the time and making the effort to compile the lists, but the English language accounts for less than 40% of the blogosphere according to the latest Technorati data as of October 2006 (if anything, I would hypothesise that the shares for English and Japanese are over emphasised at the expense of other languages due to Technorati’s emphasis on these two languages – Technorati hails from California, and Japan is home to its only foreign outpost, although China is apparently in the works), and there are venture capitalists the world over.

(Of course, the VC industry is a heavily internationalised one, however there are healthy VC markets in many non-English speaking markets, and if VCs are blogging to raise their profile with potential investees, it is often more advantageous to blog in the local language)

With regards to female Japanese bloggers, my colleague blogs here (she is the Chairperson of the selection committee of the Japanese chapter of the E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year thingie), and an ex-colleague who moved to another VC firm also has a blog here (she doesn’t blog much since her move, maybe there is a stricter policy regarding these things at her new firm. There are moves to tighten up blogging policies here too, which I personally feel would be counterproductive…), for starters. I think there are probably at least half a dozen Japanese VCs who blog regularly, and more if you count those who post their thoughts on Mixi or some other “closed” SNS.

[Mental note: Compile a list of Japanese VC bloggers…]



1. Lyle - December 4, 2006


I’ve introduced you to Chika Watanabe above, right? If not, check out her blog above, she is in Silicon Valley, you can connect with her through my LinkedIn connection.

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