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PayPerPost, Japan style November 30, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in Internet, Japan.

There was a flurry of posts about PayPerPost and other pay-to-shill business models on the blogosphere a few weeks ago (probably set off by TechCrunch having a go when PPP announced that they raised funding).

Japan has its share of companies who are in on the act or have announced their intentions to do so. Blomotion (no link, intentionally) has been at it since June, just about the same time as PPP. I assume that the model was devised independently here. There’s also CyberBuzz (again, no link on purpose) which is targetting “alpha bloggers” to shill, rather than the unwashed masses.

Neither has any mention of any requirement to announce that bloggers are being paid to post.

I echo Michael Arrington’s and BusinessWeek’s opinions that these efforts pollute the blogosphere, as long as the companies driving these efforts allow shills to post without disclosure.

I personally wouldn’t touch investments of this type with a barge pole. I would have serious issues with people who fund these companies (in their current form) as well.

There is so much advertorial content in all forms of media here (journalistic integrity? what? – I can’t think of any Japanese mainstream media outlet which doesn’t have any slots available to the highest bidder – we still have TV announcers doing in-programme advertising slots – like, isn’t that what TV advertising was like in the 50’s?), it doesn’t come as a surprise that people aren’t too fussed about shilling (if they even realise that it exists).


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