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Borat movie coming to Japan November 30, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in Media.

I was hoping that Borat‘s film would be distributed in Japan, because I for one can’t get enough of Sacha Baron-Cohen’s antics. (The Ali G stuff was/is hilarious, too. I’ve got a bunch of Baron-Cohen’s stuff on DVD, brought back from the UK)
There is a Japanese version of the film homepage (although it isn’t nearly as funny when done in Japanese) so it looks like Fox is bringing the film to Japan, although I can’t see it packing out mainstream cinemas. (maybe they are testing the waters. The Japanese version of Newsweek (Dec 6th edition) has Borat on its covers, and 6 pages inside devoted to Borat)

I would guess that there are enough ex-pats and english speaking people in the major cities to merit the film being shown in places like Ebisu Garden Cinema or on limited release at some of the smaller cinemas in Shibuya (Eurospace?) and elsewhere. I don’t think the Japanese subtitles would be very funny though.

[Well, seeing that I am going to London next week, I could probably catch it there if it is still running…]

Off topic…

Sacha Baron-Cohen is a fellow alumnus of the school where I received my secondary education. The school seems to have something about attracting what some might characterise as irreverent types, judging by the fact that the aforementioned Baron-Cohen, and fellow comedians David Baddiel and Matt Lucas are probably the most famous of its recent(?) alumni. I think there are some other famous alumni in more serious professions as well….


1. Telyas - November 30, 2006

You should definitely go to see the movie. IT IS FUNNY!!!

Another off topic for you…
When Borat pretends to speak Kazakh Language, he actually speaks hebrew.

2. fukumimi - November 30, 2006

Hebrew eh. I attended some friends’ Bar Mitzvahs back in those days, that was about all the exposure to Hebrew I’ve ever had and I’m not sure if I could tell Hebrew from Kazakh either…..

Our school being situated just outside North London had a pretty big Jewish population. On Jewish holidays, the school felt like it was deserted…. Back in those days, I guess anything up to a third of our class was Jewish based on their observance of the holidays, which probably made them the largest religious group on campus (the school was nominally Church of England, but most of the Christians seemed to be fairly laid back in their observance of their religion apart from a small handfull). I recall there was a steady increase in Hindu and Muslim students during my time there, which made the school a veritable model of multi-culturality compared to many English private schools.

3. gme - December 2, 2006

Funny, I hadn’t realised Baron-Cohen was a Habs boy (though it doesn’t come as a great surprise).

Thanks for the Thresher tip, also; I’ll be in London about the right time too.

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