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MySpace Japan launch imminent November 6, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in Internet, IT, Japan, Mobile.

The Nikkei had an article saying that Newscorp and Softbank are due to announce the official launch of MySpace in Japan as early as this week. (the Japanese version has been in beta for a while now)
Apparently Rupert Murdoch is in Tokyo at the moment, in talks with Son-san.

The Softbank/MySpace initiative has been rumoured for months.

Is it a coincidence that the news was “leaked” to the press (Softbank is saying “no comment” to press inquiries for additional info) just as Softbank was in dire need of a diversionary topic to deflect criticism for Softbank Mobile’s handling of the start of MNP (mobile number portability) in Japan? Probably not, I would actually guess that Softbank assumed that the aggressive pricing strategy and its sudden announcement would have attracted positive media attention, and the MySpace announcement was supposed to be another initiative which showed that Softbank was on a roll.

Unfortunately, Softbank lost customers to its competitors as MNP kicked in.

Nonetheless, MySpace is going to be a big threat to Mixi and Gree (the two leading local SNS players), Mixi stock took a tumble today as the MySpace story hit the newspapers. Similar to Gree teaming up with KDDI (the carrier behind #2 mobile brand au – the new SNS launches this month, and all au users can join – previously it was an invitation only SNS), it is entirely conceivable that MySpace will be aggressively “mobilised” in the same way that Softbank has promoted Yahoo! Japan’s integration into Softbank Mobile’s handsets. MySpace Japan is slated for a PC only launch apparently though, which doesn’t make much sense.

It would seem that Yahoo! Japan’s attempt at a SNS  (Yahoo! Days) is going the way of the dodo imminently. Yahoo! Days has been a failure thus far, and I’m wondering when they’ll pull the plug….


1. Telyas - November 6, 2006

Your post reminded me to check Mixi stock, and indeed it is going down.
Can’t wait to see their next earning figures.

2. - November 7, 2006




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