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New Japanese video site launches tomorrow October 16, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in Internet, Japan.


Another domestic YouTube clone service.

This time, brought to you by Excite Japan.

Apparently powered by a Japanese would-be YouTube clone venture, PeeVee.TV.

Both Excite and PeeVee promote their services as a way of sharing home-made video content. But let’s face the facts. YouTube’s “success” was basically down to the unauthorised copyright content hosted on the site, and their skillful game of cat and mouse with the copyright holders as it built up mindshare.
I really don’t see much of a market a site which is purely dedicated to acts of attempted public masturbation (this is a metaphor, obviously) on camera. What is the compelling reason to use these services rather than YouTube or even GoogleVideo or the domestic WatchMe.TV (which has the backing of Fuji TV) ? I just don’t see these services going anywhere.



1. Chris_B - October 17, 2006

“purely dedicated to acts of attempted public masturbation”

However, this being Japan, a site which really was dedicated to that would have a huge market (no pun intended)

2. fukumimi - October 17, 2006

I assume you mean public masturbation in the literal sense? Yeah, I’d bet there would be plenty of interest in people watching that, but I guess it’ll take a brave soul to perform in front of a camera, for no financial reward. (hey, what about a revenue share model with the actor/actress in the video?)

From a business perspective, I’m sure that’ll be as lucrative as any other porn enterprise, just don’t expect any Japanese VCs to fund such a venture, the stock exchanges don’t like porn merchants trying to IPO on their markets. (But listed companies who subsequently rev up their porn business is different story)

But “PornTube” is already taken, and we have the porn version of Digg in Socialporn (you’d think that name would be for a porn SNS, but no), so we’d have to come up with another good domain name.

3. Chris_B - October 21, 2006

You remember the rumors about “erogs” a while back? (erotic blogs that is) Ever *really* look around mixi? There seems to be no shortage of people willing to show themsleves here doing all sorts of things as long as their faces are blurred or cut out. I’d honstly bet that youvibe/jerktube could be 100% advertiser supported here. The porn industry and mizu shobai industry seem to have plenty to spend on advertising and were early adopters of the Internet here as well.

4. fukumimi - October 26, 2006

I completely agree that the porn was, is, and will continue to be a big money maker on the internet.

Both SNS and blogs are being actively used by the porn/mizushoubai industries, without a doubt. There are plenty of Mixi profile which are obvious attempts at advertisements for sex services, as well as for MLM (pyramid marketing) schemes, and other dubious activities.

Such Mixi profiles seem to follow a pattern. A photo of what appears to be an attractive looking female individual with recognising features obscured, suggestive text, and an open invitation to link to said user. It seems that such profiles are being created by professionals who are seeking to access unwitting individuals.

Of course, there is absolutely no guarantee that the photos are of the individual which the account purports to represent, and the actual user may in fact be a hideously ugly individual or indeed, male (and this goes for erogs too). The photos are probably harvested from elsewhere on the internet.

I’m sure there _are_ legitimate users who are up for on-line encounters, but given the proliferation of “enjyo-kosai” (assisted relationships, i.e., casual prostitution), I’d guess that many of these have some financial component as well.

5. kupywab - July 9, 2007

Meanwhile, as she said pamela. Okay, as far deutsch jugendlich modell apart so without.

6. Bill Cooney - March 13, 2008

So how long before someone starts up a Japanese equivalent to RedTube, YouPorn or PornoTube – the dirty video equivalents to YouTube?

If you host it outside of Japan does all content still need to be censored with mosaicing?

7. HaliaAna - June 12, 2014

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8. HaliaAna - June 15, 2014

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