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Dell, Apple and now, Lenovo – Sony battery problems again? September 24, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in IT.

So, now a Lenovo Thinkpad catches fire. This the latest Sony PC battery related issue. CNET article here.

Hmmm…. Last month Lenovo was one of the manufacturers who categorically stated they were unaffected by the problems which have affected Dell and Apple.

Are they going to have to eat their words? Of course, a battery can catch fire for a variety of reasons (very rarely of course), and it might be that the problem which caused theLenovo PC to spontaneously combust may be different from the specific manufacturing issue which caused the problems with Dell and Apple machines….

However, if it does turn out that it is the same problem, Lenovo will have some serious explaining to do.

PS If you own an affected machine, take the manufacturer up on that recall asap. Otherwise your machine could look a lot like this. It is embarassing enough if it happens at work, but if the machine isn’t company issue you might lose more than just the data on the machine, most companies disapprove of using personal PCs at work….



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