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New Japanese map site September 15, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in Internet, IT, Japan, Uncategorized.

A new Flash based map site has been released by Recruit, the Japanese information services company (Recruit is a $3 Billion sales per year organisation).

The site, sugoi.doko.jp, appears basically to be an add on to the Japanese local search portal Recruit have set up at doko.jp.

These services would appear to fit well with their existing web and print portfolios. People living in Tokyo are sure to have come across free magazines like Hot Pepper and R25 which have popped up in recent years. Recruit are also big publishers, having publications covering everything from jobs, travel, cars, education, mail order catalogues. Their basis principle appears to be content aggregation, most of their content is of an infomercial/advertorial nature which requires little effort on the part of writers and editors. Through their extensive publishing network, they have built an extensive database of all sorts of service providers and it seems to be a no brainer for them to provide additional channels to leverage and monetize this data.

This seems to be a pretty good example of how a progressive big company can leverage its position and advantage as incumbent, given the same technical tools, the company with the data and the monetization channels has the upper hand. In the end, the data and the relationships are usually the main value generators in many internet services.

Recruit is a company that has a reputation for producing innovative services, and this is just the latest example.

It is a pity that Recruit’s (english) homepage has a glaring typo right at the top….


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