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Japanese regional newspapers unite to set up federated news portal September 7, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in Internet, Japan, Media.

It has been announced that the Nikkei Shimbun will head up an effort to drag the regional newspapers into the digital age. Nikkei along with 46 regional newspapers will be setting up a company which which incorporate content from a total of 51 media outlets.

The idea apprently is to provide a consolidated media portal which will help drive traffic to the individual portals operated by regional players.

Most of the regional media outlets aren’t very progressive, and have not had the on-line success which has been forthcoming for certain regional media outlets in the US for example. I doubt that many people read the SF Chronicle or Seattle Post-Intelligencer before they started exploiting the web, now these media outlets (and similar outlets which produce interesting and nationally relevant content) have been able to expand their readership significantly.

Many Japanese regional media outlets do have web presences, and in my personal experience, I have visited these sites when they are linked by Yahoo Japan (or similar web news portals), but strictly on an article by article basis.

The “journalism” and reporting in most of the regional media outlets is staid and doesn’t really leave much of an impact. Additionally, the web page designs on the whole appear to make no real attempt to entice people who stumble upon the site to explore the site further.

It’ll be interesting to see how the portal develops……


1. Gen Kanai - September 12, 2006

If that regional media portal wants to jump to the forefront of online news, they need to implement everything that Adrian Holovaty’s talking about:


2. Durf - September 12, 2006

Saga Shimbun used to have a fantastic searchable archive of all its articles going back to the 1980s. (If I remember the range correctly. It was a lot of years.) I made a lot of use of that site right up until they removed the archives from public view. Might have been complaints from the wire services that did them in.

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