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Japanese TV station to put (some) content on YouTube August 25, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in Internet, IT, Japan, Media.

Tokyo regional broadcaster Tokyo MX (which serves Tokyo but is not part of a nationwide network) has announced that it will be putting up snippets of one of its shows up on YouTube (and Google Video and Revver),  in what is probably Japan’s first case of a media company actually embracing internet video sharing technology which isn’t run by a subsidiary (Both NTV (part of the Yomiuri Group) and Fuji TV are spending money building VoD portals to recycle content (and in Fuji’s case, is attempting to get user generated media as well).

Admittedly it is for just one show for the time being, a show called “Blog TV”, which is, yes you’ve guessed it, a 30 minute TV show about blogs. The show is produced in cooperation with Technorati Japan, and apparently the concept is to trawl through the blogosphere to identify social trends. (They probably have some “commentator” who is a celebrity blogger (ie a celebrity who blogs, rather than someone who became a celebrity through their blogging) and other irrelevant “commentators” and “guests” offering inane commentary.

(I must admit I haven’t seen the show. Actually, I don’t think I have ever watched MX on purpose. Sometimes I press the wrong button on the remote and I catch a few seconds of it. Oh wait, they used to broadcast (years old) episodes of Friends and I think I stumbled upon an episode just starting once, that was the only time I watched that channel for more than a few minutes to the best of my knowledge)

MX isn’t exactly an NHK or a NTV or TBS or Fuji or Asahi or even a TV Tokyo. It is definitely a local TV station, and I can’t recall ever meeting someone discussing a show broadcast on the channel. Using the internet to extend the reach of its programming doesn’t sound like such a bad idea for a station with limited reach.

I’m guessing anyone with a life will be out having fun on a friday evening at 10pm, so it might be convenient for blog followers who forgot to set their DVR.

MX has interesting shows like a live broadcast of Tokyo’s governor Ishihara’s weekly press conference. Now that must be essential viewing.


1. gme - August 25, 2006

They also show things like local school woodwind band championships, which are riveting viewing.

Incidentally, Fuji TV had a program called Blog Type running for a while that dramatized incidents from various blogs. Apparently you needed to have a blog on Yahoo Japan registered in a particular category to be picked up, so it was effectively a pool of tame writers rather than them raking the blogosphere for usable content; I don’t know whether Yahoo had a copyright policy that made the content freely licenseable or something. I don’t recall the show itself being especially blog-related aside from that, though.

2. fukumimi - August 25, 2006

Woodwind band championships, wow. I seem to recall they had like cheerleading championships on too.

First I’ve heard of Blog Type, but indeed Fuji has been rumoured to “seed” internet content using writers and others on payroll.

3. Chris_B - September 6, 2006

Isnt Joi Ito involved with Tokyo MX?

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