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EbiTV, (another) Japanese YouTube clone launches August 23, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in IT, Japan.

EbiTV, a Japanese YouTube clone was launched yesterday.

It is a Flash based video sharing service, with a 100Mb upload limit (per free user account, presumably), and no pre-vetting of uploaded content. It does have a feature to allow users to notify the service provider of potentially inappropriate content (as defined by the user agreement). Inappropriate content includes copyright and portrait rights infringements, defamation, porn, etc.

Will users proactively report content? Will the company respond quickly to reports of violations of the user agreement? Will users knowingly using YouTube and the like to upload content without the consent of rights holders adopt this new service? The fact that its interface is in Japanese may make it easier for more users to use this site, although there are plenty of “how to” primers on registering and uploading content to YouTube for the English challenged.

A FujiTV backed video sharing service, Watchme.tv was launched last month, this service checks content before it is uploaded, as might be expected from a company backed by a big media player.

What is certainly clear is that if adoption does pick up, the company will need cash to support its operations, although advertisements are already present on the site.

The language barrier is still a big issue for many Japanese internet users, who will gravitate to services which provide a Japanese interface.


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