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Acronyms August 15, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in general, Internet, IT.

Kenji Mori asks “why G,Y,M is ordered in that order?”

It is probably because “gym” is a real word, and easy to pronounce. The three letters ordered in any other way doesn’t work as well.

There was a trend towards giving some of the other internet giants (Amazon, Ebay, Fox/Newscorp (post MySpace acquisition) and maybe Time Warner/AOL?) credit by adding them to the acronym, but it didn’t really work and ended up in a weird alphabet soup.

So I went back and played mental scrabble with the letters at hand….
I suppose Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Microsoft, Ebay, Newscorp would spell “GAY MEN”….


An entrepreneur in response to a VC’s question about exit strategy for his new web2.0 startup:

“We hope one of the GAY MEN will buy us…”
Errr.….  Somehow I don’t think “GAY MEN” will enter into the internet/Web2.0/VC vocabulary. Especially the alpha male dominated VC world.
OK, now that I have embarassed myself by showing that I am terrible at humour of this type, I look forward to suggestions….



1. kenji mori - August 15, 2006

LOL. I liked GAY MEN very much 🙂
Well, to tell you the truth, first I thought GYM is ordered in ordered of significance.

2. Lyle - August 22, 2006

Thanks Shin, needed a laugh this morning.

nice blog, will check it regularly.

did I introduce you to Chika Watanabe, she has her blog at http://www.chikawatanabe.com/, she is connected to me on linkedin.

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