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Gree adds mobile video uploading August 11, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in Internet, Japan.

Gree, the #2 Japanese SNS, has added the ability to publish video content directly from your mobile phone.

Gree already supported moblogging (including attachment of photos), and has basically extended this feature to support mobile video. Video upload functionality doesn’t appear to be available via the PC interface (as yet), this seems to be a smart way of keeping tabs on bandwidth and storage which would be required to support video hosting (It also basically gets around the difficult issue of policing copyright issues which plague generic video hosting sites).

Many of the SNS and (to a lesser extent) general blog platforms in Japan seem to be taking a walled garden approach and limiting the ability of users to use 3rd party services like flickr or YouTube and displaying the content directly on a user’s blog.

This is inconvenient for people like me who have blogs and also use various SNS services, because I have to upload the same content to various sites.

However, for the average user I guess it is easier for them to have all the required functionality on the same site? Not convinced by this argument, but I guess most people just use (at most) one blog and one SNS service?

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