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NTT to launch video sharing service August 8, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in Communications, Internet, Japan.

NTT have announced that they are getting into the video sharing business, as popularised by YouTube and the like.

Their new service, which goes into beta at the end of august, is called ClipLife.

NTT states that it will be free for users to upload or view shared video, and will include functionality such as easy adoption of Creative Commons licenses (is that the Joi Ito influence at work?). ClipLife will also be a showcase for NTT’s research efforts, relevant efforts from its R&D labs will be adopted as functionality on the site.

NTT has huge pockets and has a big chunck of the domestic broadband market. Whilst this does not necessarily guarantee that this site will be a success, it will sure give any aspiring video sharing start-ups something to think about.

NTT is hardly a pioneer in its internet efforts, but it has been successful in its fast second strategy in the past, most notably with ADSL, which NTT initially fought as being too early (and NTT had a huge amount invested in ISDN).

It’ll be interesting to see how succesfull they are in their foray beyond the infrastructure market. They have recently been pushing integrated services (VoIP, VoD and ISP bundled into a “triple play” FTTH service) through a huge media advertising campaign, and actively targetting the services and application layers.


1. j - March 8, 2007

are you providing “Triple Play” (voice,video,data) service in japan?

2. fukumimi - March 8, 2007

Yup, the NTT carriers are still pushing these triple play on FTTH packages heavily with a sustained advertising campaign.

Personally, I don’t think I’ll be subscribing anytime soon, I don’t even have a landline phone at home. I don’t spend enough time at home in front of the TV to justify subscribing to a VoD service.

An internet connection is all I need from a carrier these days.

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