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TechCrunch Japanese, one month on July 25, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in Internet, Japan, Media, TechCrunch.

Following up from my post in June, I think a month is ample time for an organisation to get their act together.

So, where does TechCrunch Japanese stand, one month on?

The “Japanese editorial team” remains as anonymous as ever. And I do think this is a big deal.
Having seen more translated content, I have to say that I feel that more and more translation errors are becoming apparent. Or is it meant to be a liberal translation? Do the Japanese editors have free rein to modify the meaning of the text? The policy remains unclear. (My gut tells me most of the translation issues are errors, rather than conscious editing)

Also, I don’t like the writing style. It may just be personal preference, but I find that Japanese is not conducive to writing about “hard” subjects in a chatty conversational tone. I understand the whole bit about “blogs are meant to be about conversations” and all that, but stylistically I find the clash between the subject matter and writing style uncomfortable.

I don’t think that there is a fundamental problem with using english language original content to produce derivative Japanese content, outlets like CNET Japan appear to do it satisfactorily.



1. Gen Kanai - July 25, 2006

Mike, you’ve had a month.

Please introduce the TechCrunch Japan team.

You owe it to the readers.

2. gme - July 26, 2006

Personal preference, but I think the Japanese version of Engadget gets the tone about right.

3. fukumimi - July 26, 2006


Tone, yes. I think Engadget Japanese is fine. Personally I feel my comments about anonymity are equally applicable to Engadget as well, seeing their English contributors are identified.

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