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Zico and Koizumi July 14, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in Politics.

I finally realised who Zico reminds me of….

Following the Japanese football team’s “progress” over the last few years, I have been disappointed at the lack of progress made by the team. Yes, they qualified for the World Cup, but in such a weak qualifing region, that was the absolute minimum expected of the team. I personally feel that the revised FIFA rankings are more reflective of the Japanese team’s relative standing.

For all of Zico’s rhetoric, the Japanese team and perhaps more importantly the system behind the national team, including the nurturing of the next generation of talent, has taken a few steps back. For all of the criticism of the previous manager, Zico has benefited enormously from the work that was put in by his predecessors.

Zico has made a load of money along the way (he had is brother and other members of his posse in the setup, and they took away about $20M for their efforts, which seems to be a poor deal), and having completed his contract, is apparently off to coach in Turkey.

Prime Minister Koizumi is also expected to step down in September after a long (too long) time in office. For all his rhetoric, I believe Koizumi has also not done much during his tenure. We’ve seen that his priorities for structural reform seem to be more directed by what he can deliver for his friends, rather than real reform to improve the fundamental economic and social structure of this country.

Koizumi leaves behind a ticking time bomb for his successor.  Whilst no fan of the LDP, and especially Shinzo Abe who is seen as the front runner to take over, I sort of feel sorry for however eventually takes over.

My pity is mainly reserved for the citizens of this country, but most of them only have themselves to blame, having supported Koizumi during his tenure.



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