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Schindler’s latest press conference June 15, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in Economy & Business, Japan.

Schindler Elevator had another press conference last night, where they reported that they were (now?) aware of 6 cases at 4 other installations where lifts had started moving whilst the doors were still open.

The affected installations all had control units of the same type as used in the unit which caused the recent accident. The control units were manufactured at around the same time, and the lifts were all installed in the same 1996-1997 timeframe.

How long have Schindler known this fact?

What was their understanding of the situation when they released the following comment?

we would like to stress that we are convinced that there is no reason to attribute the accident to either the design or the installation of the elevator

Hopefuly the criminal investigation will clarify whether this was indeed a recent development, or if Schindler had attempted to cover up this cluster of similar problems which would appear to indicate a manufacturing issue.


1. Mlatino - August 6, 2006

you gays are a bunch of idiots….only to not allow to schindler become bigger in japan…the lifts are all the same…they all give the samee pros the japans made and the schindlers made….the mantenance company didnt make is work…how is possible that 1 tecnician of 1 company of mantenance doesnt now to operate 1 lift break???

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