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World Cup 2006: Round-up Days 1-5 June 14, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in World Cup.


Germany 4-2 Costa Rica
See previous post
Poland 0-2 Ecuador
I only saw the highlights for this one, Ecuador might make the knock-out stages thanks to this win, but I can't really see them getting much further than that.


England 1-0 Paraguay


3 points for England, no more, no less. Gerrard continues to be shackled by Eriksson playing him deep in midfield. Strange substitutions by the manager too. England are slow starters, hopefully they will step up a gear or two as they get more matches under their belts. 



Trinidad & Tobago 0-0 Sweden
A wonderful gutsy game from the islanders, especially as they played virtually the whole of the 2nd half with 10 men. I haven't seen Hislop play so well in, well, probably ever. The Swedes were misfiring somewhat, but if they click, they'll be a handful for many teams. The two front men are as wonderful as ever.  

Argentina 2-1 Ivory Coast

A spirited fight from the Ivory Coast team, it's always great to see lots of pace in a game. Argentina look strong, as always.

Saturday night was a long night, watching all 3 games which meant bedtime was 6am and the sun was already out….


Serbia & Montenegro 0-1 Holland


Robben was great. I've always liked the Dutch team, and this team is full of youth and talent. Perhaps they will concede goals, but they are wonderful to watch.


Mexico 3-1 Iran


Iran put up a good fight in the first half, but Mexico showed why they are ranked so highly. (Not that the FIFA rankings don't have some wierd rankings)



Angola 0-1 Portugal

Didn't stay up for this one…..





Australia 3-1 Japan


Well, what can you say. The difference between a 3rd rate manager and a brilliant one. Japan needs to build up some domestic coaching/managing talent, perhaps by sending some people over for a year or two to intern at one of the top European clubs (preferably one with a good youth system). Japan's football scene has traditionally been dominated by Latin American doctrine. However, I think that the European methodology is a better fit with Japanese players' strengths, and let's face it most of the good Latin Americans play in Europe and the domestic scene in Latin America is way behind Europe now. Look how South Korea have evolved as they have embraced European coaches and their methods. In the interim, hire a European coach with a trackrecord, not someone who is famous for their talents on the pitch but are untested on the touchline at the top level. 




USA 0-3 Czech Republic


The Czechs looked unstoppable. If the giant comes back into the team, they could go very far.



Italy 2-0 Ghana

Just saw the goal scenes. I have to sleep sometime…. 




South Korea 2-1 Togo

Why is it that teams who face South Korea always seem to end up playing with 10 men? Perhaps it is the pace of the Korean forwards. Then again, maybe not….


Seriously, the Koreans seemed to have maintained the spirit which led them to the semis last time around. They have so much energy for the whole 90 minutes. England and Japan should learn something from these guys.  


France 0-0 Switzerland
Blah. Saw some highlights, didn't see much of note. At least France didn't lose their first match. 

Brazil 1-0 Croatia
Brazil were, well, Brazil. Still not firing on all cylinders, but many flashes of inspiration. How can Ronaldinho keep the ball against 4 defenders? Kaka's goal as a peach, a controlled left foot shot curling past the keeper. Ronaldo does look fat. Croatia still appear to be in with a great chance to make it through. Of the 3 other teams in the group, they were the most impressive. 

Memorable Goals so far: Frings' and Rosicky's shots from distance.

Crappiest Goal so far: Nakamura (-not to blame him, he was aided and abetted by BOTH Yanagisawa and Takahara charging into the 'roos keeper) 


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