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Camera phones and usage in Japan June 1, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in Japan, Mobile, TechCrunch.

In a survey (conducted by japan.internet.com) of 300 mobile phone users (aged 18-60), it is reported that of 234 respondents who use the camera on the mobile phone at least once a month, 99.6% of users (233 respondents) said that they took still photos using their camera.

More than half of users (56%) reported they had used the phone to scan a barcode (QR code). 

This number is greater than the number of users who used the video capabilities of the phone. (48.3%) 

QR codes are popping up on merchandise, posters, in magazines, all in an attempt to make it easier for users to access content.

Techcrunch featured MyTago, a barcode initiative, on 5/20, and Michael Arrington was sceptical. If he saw how widely adopted QR codes are, he might be in for a suprise. It is probably critical for the success of any such scheme to have pre-installed barcode reader capability. Only when many phones had this feature preinstalled (starting around 2003) did QR codes start taking off, and now with virtually all phones having cameras, QR codes have momentum as a marketing device connecting the real and on-line worlds.

The problem with formats competing with QR codes is that QR codes are free to use. Anyone using a QR code can do so for free, there are free QR code generators avaiable, the only cost incurred is by mobile phone manufacturers in writing or buying in the code scanning software.



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