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Mobile: N and P announce development alliance May 30, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in Japan, Mobile, technology.

From Reuters

NEC and Matsushita are two of the leading mobile phone manufacturers (Sharp has become the other major player in the last couple of years) in Japan, but the short product cycles (4-6mths) and the increasing complexity of phones is weighing heavily on the mobile phone business. 

It looks like TI will also be heavily involved in any joint development programme.

Domestic produces dominate the landscape here, but this is partly due to the fact that the pre-3G Japanese market was based on a domestic specification which made it difficult for overseas manufacturers to justify targetting the Japanese market. Overseas manufacturers virtually disappeared after the widespread adoption of the cellphone as a mobile data device, the UI became more important and this was an area overseas manufactuers were at a distinct disadvantage. 

With the advent of 3G, overseas manufacturers are now again looking at the Japanese market, it remains to be seen whether they can make any meaningful impact here.

The adoption of CDMA based technologies has allowed domestic manufacturers to evaluate more aggressive overseas expansion, but the domestic focus of these manufacturers has meant that they face a uphill battle as they have little brand recognition. Whilst some may point to some new brands doing pretty well, Japanese handsets tend to be feature rich premium phones and lack transferrable offerings at the lower end of the market. 


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