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Mainstream Japanese Internet Radio at last May 29, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in IT, Japan, Music.

J-Wave, one of the more popular Tokyo based radio stations (they have a great view of Tokyo from their studio/office facilities on the 33rd floor of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower), has launched Japan's first major internet radio station, Brandnew-J

Broadcasts started today, however the site says it only supports the IE6.0 and WMP to actually listen to the programming. This is a beta launch for the station, with the full service slated to start in October.

The station has dedicated programming (it is not a web feed of the over-the-air broadcast), and is broadcast live from 10am to 10pm local time, with recorded broadcasts for the other 12 hours.

The fact the over-the-air broadcast is not streamed is probably due to the difficulty in managing the various rights negotiations (copyright neighbouring rights) which are still laborious for internet based broadcast services.

Still, it is promising that a big name player has launched a service, others have announced similar efforts. It will only help speed up the adoption of the internet as a broadcast medium, and hopefully drive legislative change.

Now all we need is a Japanese Squeezebox and for mini-system and boombox manufacturers to put internet radio functionality onto their systems.



1. gary burt - April 14, 2007

dear radio junkies,

i see that you have an e-mail system that actually works, or at first attempts, it seems so any way.

something came up recently about zombies and their existance around the world. some years back, there was a documentary on i think j-wave on the history and the locations of vampires around the world.

later today as the moon moves into pieces, i will be scanning and e-mailing several documents to my japanese friends and associates to see what is happening on this front.

a documentary on one of the canadian broadcast stations sometime back, talked about japan and its involement with zombism, which concerned me deeply.

one group of biologists talked about the posionous aspects of the japanese fish “fugu” and how it was used in zombism, which greatly disturbed me.

if you guys have some way for me to do an e-mail attachment, i will send you what i have.

after looking through the various television and radio system today, having no luck at all in making contact, i have to say that japan remains dangerously so, a close island spirited country, which has both its positive and negative aspects.

hope this helps.

say hello to the famous tonoyama san, who taught me about “fugu” at its basic levels of cusine.

love you all.

hope to see you soon.

if you can reply.

Caroline - February 26, 2010

Hi Gary,
How are you? Memories of Kamakura.

2. gary burt - April 14, 2007

dear radio junkies,

lost my train of thought for the moment.

one thing that is of interest, the canadian music and radio scene is going through a buy out, big bucks involved.

lets leave it at that for the moment.

i have been on the internet for too many hours today.


3. Jan Meiborg - June 23, 2009

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4. Henk Wieman - January 12, 2012

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5. Kevin (Genre Jazz band leader) - August 14, 2012

Very nice!

6. Julian - April 8, 2013

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7. Liss Jones - March 17, 2014

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