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Search Engine Lowdown: MySpace in Talks with Google and MSN… not Yahoo May 25, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in IT, Japan.

Search Engine Lowdown: MySpace in Talks with Google and MSN… not Yahoo

Makes sense for MySpace, who needs to monetize its eyeballs, and for search engines who get the eyeballs who spend a lot (too much?) time on MySpace. 

Thinking along those lines, Google, which isn't doing that well in Japan (relatively speaking, of course) should be pulling out all the stops and wooing Mixi, the leading Japanese SNS (and perhaps Gree, the (current) distant #2 as well) into switching over to Google from Goo, the current domestic incumbent search engine. Especially as the Goo search engine doesn't have paid listings.

Having said that, if Google does get MySpace, would there be a commercial conflict of interest when MySpace launches in Japan (later this year)…  I don't really think so.


1. Paul Ford - June 25, 2006

Great blog, Fukushige san!

So far MySpace has been very silent about what form their entry into Japan will take. They’ve been struggling in other markets overseas (UK, France etc) as they haven’t dedicated enough resources to dominate local players; witness Bebo eating MySpace’s lunch in the UK recently.

Do you have any thoughts as to MySpace’s plans for Japan??

Incidentally I live in Tokyo as well, working for a PE fund with some “interest” in the media sector….


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