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YUI Tetris! May 18, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in games, IT.

YUI Tetris!

Dustin Diaz, a web developer for Yahoo! has gone out and built Tetris using YUI utilities. As he says, tetris using javascript is not new, but this is the kind of thing which validates rather effectively Yahoo's strategy of releasing code for developers to play with. 

A brilliant bit of free PR for Yahoo. (if you don't count Dustin's time, assuming he did this at work)

Just goes to show how all employees are potential PR and marketing resources. 

Found via Niall Kennedy's blog



1. Ben Miller - May 18, 2006

Hi. Picking up from a discussion we started elsewhere, I gotta admit the coders at Yahoo (see the new homepage) and Google (I really like Notebook) seem to have it over those at AOL (see Aimpages).

2. fukumimi - May 18, 2006

Agreed 100%. Coders, and QA.

Yahoo is doing really good stuff with AJAX and Flash, their acquisition strategy also shows that they are also probably the most in tune with the technology trends of late, and Google isn’t a slouch either. MSFT also seems to be heading in a pretty good direction since Ray Ozzie got on board.

AOL, well, I don’t think that technology is really a core competence for them. Perhaps because they have a decent sized user base, cloning MySpace and YouTube and the like may pay off to a certain extent, but it is extremely doubtful if they can really threaten the market leaders in these and similar segments. It just smells like these developments are defensive measures more than anything.

3. Ben Miller - May 18, 2006

Coders, QA, and differing definitions and expectations about beta. Beta used to mean . . . well, beta. Google News seemed pretty good for a beta, and it remained beta for what, four years? Likewise, Yahoo’s webmail interface was in beta for many months, and it was pretty good from day one. Beta has taken on a different meaning – when will someone release an alpha?

4. fukumimi - May 19, 2006

well, flickr is now officially in “gamma”.

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