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Pandora now with community feedback May 9, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in IT.

Being on the road, haven't been able to keep up to date with my blog roll.

[As an aside: Am frustrated by feeds which need an internet connection to read posts. Or is it just my reader (thunderbird) or the way I have it set up?]

Was just catching up with Tom Conrad's latest post also a similar post at the Pandora blog about Pandora now incorporating some community feedback in the playlist generation.

Personally as I use Pandora as a music discovery tool seeded with different artists/songs to allow me to switch between radio stations depending on my mood, I prefered the purely music based approach of Pandora compared to Last.fm. Having said that, the system did throw out some bizzare songs from time to time, and before the update which kicked in at the end of March, the playlist did seem to be fairly limited for certain stations. 

I think the changes that Pandora are making have been well judged. As for what the future holds, I for one certainly don't want too much of a community influence on the station playlists, as I am not really worried about popularity of a song with the community at large.    



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