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Reporting from London May 5, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in Travel.

I'm posting this from a Wi-Fi connection in the London hotel I am currently staying in.

Whilst the rest of Japan is mostly on holiday for "Golden Week", I'm here in Europe for work (the sacrifices I make for work…).

Lots of Japanese tourists here, but even more noticeable is the number of Chinese tourists. It's a trend I have seen accelerating every time I come over here. Lots of Chinese tourists in Tokyo these days as well. No mistake, the Chinese tourists are going to be a big commercial force.

Flew into London on tuesday, and have had a rather hectic schedule over the last couple of days, doing day trips to Paris (on the Eurostar) and Geneva (using London City Airport for the first time). Sitting for hours in cramped seats is doing my back and knees no good at all.

The weather here is extremely pleasant, a little too warm if anything. Unfortunately it doesn't look like it will last, the weekend forecast isn't great.
The pilot of the Swiss flight back to London last night took the scenic route, traversing west over south London before doing a 180 over central London, flying over the Royal Mile and the City before skimming the rooftops of Canary Wharf. Lots of residential developments in the Docklands, can't but wonder if these people don't mind the roar of aircraft overhead. (even if they are smaller allegedly quieter aircraft)

Today I have some meetings in London, and then next week I will be travelling around the UK for a couple of days before flying off to the US East Coast. 

Met with a couple of friends from my student days for dinner last night, both Japanese still living in London. It's always nice to catch up with old friends.   



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