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VC coffee April 27, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in Food and Drink, Japan.

Rick Segal's post turns me on to a new type of coffee.

Kopi Luwak (made from stones reclaimed from civet droppings) I knew of, but Chon Cafe, aka Weasel Coffee is something new.

Edible.com describes it as being more chocolatey than Kopi Luwak. Sounds right up my street. Next challenge, trying to find this in Tokyo….


1. Rick Segal - April 29, 2006


As luck would have it, I am still in Hong Kong and I am carrying a package of this stuff. It would be my pleasure to give it to you. I am flying home on Sunday so if you can give me an address in Tokyo, I will have it sent to you from my hotel. rick at jlaventures dot com is my email address, just send me yours. I am changing planes in Tokyo but don’t think there is a way to actually get it to you so FedX or some such can work. Failing that, I will send it to you from LA when I get there.



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