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From Seth’s Blog: Re group dating (aka gokon) April 25, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in general, Japan.

"Marketing guru" Seth Godin picks up group dating:

Seth's Blog: Re invent an industry

I wonder how much these sites have caught on though, even here in the land of the gokon. Had a quick look around, but I found no real data. For those of you who don't know what a gokon is: Google

There are plenty of such sites, and there are gokon communities in all of the social networking sites. Is a single feature site the best way to facilitate gokons? From a trust perspective, having the feature in an SNS may provide users with some background information on the prospective gokon partners.

The typical gokon site takes money from users (all users, just the guys, just the gals, etc), or is advertising driven or affiliate revenue driven (such affiliate revenue sites usually have restaurant/bar/izakaya on-line reservations available, and the site gets rewarded on a cost per sale model, usually)

There was a gokon SNS set up by Netage and Cyberagent, but they closed it last June, probably due to lack of traffic and the inability to work out how to monetize the business.

Anyhow, "group dating" or "group blind dates" don't (IMO) really explain the gokon correctly. Maybe the word should be coopted into the english vocabulary.

Haven't been to a gokon in ages. <sniff>


1. Zack - February 1, 2008

there is a site that is trying to start this type of dating in the US called letsmugo.com….. it is brand new and will have bar specials and things to do in your city… it is geared toward young professionals at the moment. worth a look.

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