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Japanese SNS site “N@VIO” and comparisons to LinkedIn April 23, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in IT, Japan.

N@VIO is being compared to LinkedIn by SocialNetworking.jp a blog which is about, well, social networking. N@VIO has been receiving some press in Japan lately due to the exposure of LinkedIn in the US press.

N@VIO is operated by Humanworks Inc., an HR services company, which also operates this: http://job.navionet.com/
I don’t think the comparisons are valid.

Firstly, N@VIO is an open SNS site, anyone can join. LinkedIn requires an introduction from a member.

This is a fundamental difference.

Secondly, N@VIO is, according to the CEO of the operating company, a site which aims first and foremost to link students (read prospective employees) and companies. [Indeed, the SNS features (blogs, communities etc) seem to me to be either an afterthought, or bait to attract users who are matched to prospective employers.]

LinkedIn is about linking professionals (who actually have some business experience, or at least that is the idea), even though much of the revenue may indeed come from job listings. LinkedIn is a focused site with little in the way of features beyond linking people.

Seems to me that this particular piece on socialnetworking.jp is basically an infomercial, as there is little in the way of analysis. This is a pity, because we could do with sites offering some insight into local trends in this area which is receiving a lot of attention.


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