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New “bookmarking” tool launched April 12, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in IT, Japan.

Sidefeed have announced a "bookmarking" tool that may be of interest to mobile users who have intermittent internet access.

The service has been launched simultaneously at http://atode.cc/ (Japanese, "atode" means "later" in  Japanese) and http://toread.cc/ (English).

Once you register by providing your email address, you just bookmark the provided link, and click on the link in your bookmarks (or your toolbar) when you want to "bookmark" a page.

The service scrapes the requested page and sends it as an email.

Doesn't work with Javascript embedded in the page and the like, but for reading pages offline, it seems to have some merit, especially as many users are used to using an email client to manage data.

I think I have seen something similar somewhere, but my memory fails me. 


1. Gen Kanai - April 13, 2006

Furl provides an archive service along with it’s bookmark service. I’ve chosen to stick with del.icio.us, even though it doesn’t have the archive service, because I prefer the del.icio.us community. I also save pages that I value to my HDD in PDF (thank you OS X.)

Also, the Scrapbook extension to Firefox (Gomita-san is speaking at the Mozillagumi event on 4/30) has similar functionality (albeit on your client, not on the server.)



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