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Personal DNA report April 5, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in general.

I usually read Fred Wilson's blog "A VC" which is one of the feeds I have imported into Thunderbird (which is also my regular email client), and Thunderbird just displays the text of the post (for this feed and some others, for others it displays rendered html in the reading pane), so I don't see the stuff populating the periphery of the page which you would see if you loaded the page on a browser.

(I am also using Glucose, a Japanese feedreader/browser app which is evolving nicely)

Anyhow, for the first time in a while, I felt compelled (the reason escapes me now) to visit the site properly, and I noticed he had a "My Personality Profile" under "My Stuff" on the right hand column of the trusty 3 column layout. (OT, His regularly blinking avatar staring at me is kinda creepy….)

The link was to Fred's results for his personality test at PersonalDNA, it looked kind of interesting and headed there myself to take the test. It doesn't require an email address to take the test, so it isn't harvesting email addresses to sell to spammers.

The test leverages Flash slidebars and suchlike, which probably contributes to better usability and some eye candy to alleviate boredom (It's a fairly long test….).  

I linked to my results as "My PersonalDNA Report" under "miscellaneous" in the righthand column.

It says I am an advocating inventor. Sounds like a decent profile for someone in my profession. Perhaps I should be on the other side though…..


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