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METI publishes PSE exceptions list March 30, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in Japan, technology.

METI have published the initial version of the items which will be exempted from the PSE legislation which will prevent non-PSE mark labelled products from being sold from April 1st (although they have already announced a de facto moratorium on enforcement for the time being).The list is here.

Trade sellers will need have an application to METI approved to sell items on this list without a PSE inspection.

Trade sellers are also required to:

  • display the approval certificate at the point of sale.
  • explain to the purchaser that the unit is not PSE complaint, and will be sold only to users familiar with usage of the unit
  • confirm with purchaser that said purchaser is familiar with usage of the unit
  • maintain an inventory of products sold under this exemption, including a check of whether the explanations were provided to the purchaser

 For items not on the published list, sellers may request that additional items are added to the list using the same application form, representing that the criteria for exemption are fulfilled (product has been discontinued, cannot be adequately replaced with an alternative due to the unique nature of the product, and has a sufficiently high value due to rarity)

So, looking at the list (which currently only covers "pro-audio" devices, and far from comprehensively at that)….

We see Tannoy's "Reveal Active"  near-field active studio monitor on the list. LOL.

This is a model from just a few years back, you can still get these NOS/NIB(new old stock/new in box) on-line at many e-tailers. Originally retailed in Japan for JPY140,000, and in the US for $899.99. You can get a pair for as little as $499.99….

Hardly a hard to find, irreplaceable, collector's item, is it. 

I wonder what other laughs are in store for us on this list. 


1. Peter Merguerian - December 25, 2007

Can I have the exemptions list?

2. Up Follow - March 31, 2009

did Peter got ever his exemption list?

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