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WTF??? Japan Post’s Electronic Registered Mail Service March 13, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in IT, Japan.

Japan Post offers a electronic submission registered mail service here.

The fact that the latest entry in the information section is dated Dec 2004 should give an indication that this service isn’t used very much.

However, is that really an excuse for not supporting XP SP2???

There is an entry in the information section noting that XPSP2 is not supported, dated 4th Oct 2004. That entry states that XPSP2 is currently unsupported and the information will be updated when XPSP2 is supported.

Further, looking at the supported environments list, the system supports Windows exclusively (95/98/98SE/NT4.0/2k/XP). No Mac, no Linux, no Safari, no Opera, no Firefox.

Then you look at the registration process, which requires you to sign up on line but then PHONE a hotline to enter your credit card details……
Once the registration has been accepted, you need to install some client software (which doesn’t run on XPSP2), and import your document which has been created on either of MSWord or Ichitaro (the other popular word processing software in Japan), making sure that the whitespaces are set up as specified in the on-line instructions (sigh).

(Apparently the auto-numbering/bullets feature in word can cause the text to image conversion software to fail, so users are advised to make sure that this feature is not used….. sigh, again)

How much did this service cost to set up?  How much are they paying the system integrator of this service for maintenance, service and upkeep?
For all of the Japanese government’s posturing about supporting Linux and the IT revolution, THIS is the state of Japan’s bureaucratic attempts at using IT to provide services.

I would laugh at how pathetic this is, but the thought that my taxes are going towards building this kind of crap makes me want to cry instead.


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