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iPod Hi-Fi??? March 1, 2006

Posted by fukumimi in general.

Hi-Fi must be one of the most abused words in the english language.
So, Apple announced an iPod boombox selling at $349, and they call it iPod Hi-Fi. They must have taken a leaf out of the Bose book of marketing.

iPod Hi-Fi and the Wave Radio are two of a kind, targetting the millions of undiscerning users who will no doubt want to believe that $349 buys them high quality reproduction of music.
Now, a real high quality compact Apple friendly music system would be a Mac mini music server (with one or more Princeton external HDDs designed to fit with the Mac mini look), driving a Wavelength Audio “Brick” USB DAC (another product compatible with the Mac mini form factor, I guess if enough people pester Gordon Rankin, he will produce them in Apple white), driving decent speakers through decent amplification. (which means Bose is out of the question)
Why is it that so many people are willing to believe Bose marketing and put up with mediocrity when it comes to audio, whilst they aspire to (or even do) own Ferraris and Porsches, or even spend more on a sofa than their music system?


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